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Since 2010, Chandan Hospital has been providing USFDA Approved Non Surgical treatments for the benefit of Heart Patients who do not wish to undergo risky & expensive surgical procedures like Stenting and Bypass Surgery. we are the single largest EECP centre of the Tricity region with three EECP machines and have treated nearly 1000 patients successfully. We also provide customized IV(Intra Venous) drips of customized treatment called IV Chelation(also called Artery Clearance Therapy or Bio Chemical Angioplasty), Ozone Infusions and Plaquex Infusions.

Chandan Hospital has been awarded as the “Best Hospital for Non Surgical Heart Treatment in India” in 2016 by Prime Time Research Media in Delhi and Dr Chandan deep Sandhu has been awarded for “Exellence in Non Invasive Cardiology” in 2016 & 2017 at Singapore.

Under the expert guidance of Dr Chandan Sandhu, Chandan Hospital has since then added other advanced Alternative Medicine & Anti Ageing treatments like Bio-identical Hormones,Ozone.

Therapy, Prolozone, EMRT, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cells etc for the treatment of Degenerative diseases like Arthritis(Joint Pain and Backache), Autoimmune Disorders like Scleroderma, Proriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsonism etc. At Chandan Hospital, we incorporate the latest technology and medical equipment in patient care that helps us treat patients effectively and efficiently, at par with International standards.

Other than providing individualized holistic treatment protocols for treating various disorders, Chandan Hospital also provides highly customized Total Body Rejuvenation programs, also called Anti Ageing programs in USA & EU.

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